Glossary of Terms


The term Website refers to all contents of your hosting account (database, applications and files, including text, images videos and other documents) located within your account on hosting servers administered by Ministry of Design (excluding email accounts). For more information consult our TOS.

Disk Space

All content saved to your website counts towards total disk usage. Exceeding maximum disk space allocation for your website may result in limitations to your account. For more information consult our TOS.


Bandwidth constitutes the amount of data transmitted over your monthly billing period. Exceeding maximum bandwidth allocation for your website per month may result in limitations to your account. For more information consult our TOS.

Backups and Restore

As a courtesy we provide regular website backups to multiple secure secondary data centres. The frequency and length of retention of available backups may vary based on your hosting inclusions and the amount and type of data which constitutes your website. Partial or complete backups may be restored to your website by request. For more information consult our TOS.

Software and Security Monitoring and Updates

Where possible, we actively monitor your website, applying updates and patches to protect against known vulnerabilities or bugs.

Commercial Software updates requiring additional licensing, specific installation requirements, additional payment or labour of any kind are not included unless otherwise specified by your plan inclusions. In the case that your website software cannot be updated you will be notified.

In the case of Wordpress Hosting plans this generally includes plugins and themes available in the public Wordpress Repository and correctly licensed commercial plugins and themes.

We also perform automated scans to detect malware, viruses or other malicious content. In the event malicious content of any kind it detected we will attempt to remove it and / or recover from backup. In the case that the malicious content cannot be removed, your website cannot be recovered from backup or additional work is required we will notify you. Note that malicious content on any kind is may not be stored on our servers. For more information consult our TOS.

Running outdated software or software we deem unsafe in any way is not allowed and may result in suspension of your services. For more information consult our TOS.

Uptime Monitoring

Our services are constantly monitored to ensure best possible uptime and performance. For more information consult our TOS.


Email support ticketing is available 24/7. Answers to many common issues may be found in our Knowledgebase.

Standard email support enquiries are generally replied to within 24hrs. Priority and VIP email support will generally be replied to within 1hr during business hours (9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday).

Phone or remote support may be requested for urgent matters only. Support issues outside the scope of our services or not specifically covered within your service inclusions may incur additional charges. We do not provide on-site support or training unless specifically stated. For more information consult our TOS.

Performance Optimisations and CDN

Where possible (depending on your website design, theme, plugins and other factors), caching, compression, “minification”, image optimisation and other techniques are applied to increase the speed and efficiency of your website for visitors and improve third party website performance scores.

A content delivery network (CDN) refers to a geographically distributed group of servers which work together to provide fast delivery of Internet content. If included with your hosting plan we employ CDN technology to further increase the performance of your website.

On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

If included with your hosting plan, we make a variety of changes to your site which are designed (in conjunction with other performance optimisations) to improve overall search engine visibility and ranking.

We provide ongoing regular monitoring and reporting. On-going optimisations which include, but are not limited to:

  • SEO-Friendly URLs

  • Titles use correct heading tags

  • Images include correct Alt tags

  • Adding internal links where applicable

  • Adding outbound links where applicable

  • Manual image optimisation

  • Content, layout and navigational suggestions

  • Configuration of SEO software or plugins

  • Monitoring, benchmarking and monthly reporting

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

SSL is the security technology used for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This allows data sent between a visitor’s browser and your website to remain private and secure.

When SSL is in use on your website, visitors see a “lock” or other indicator which provides an assurance that the information they enter on your website is safe. This is especially important for eCommerce and personal privacy.

Furthermore, web browsers may flag websites which don’t employ SSL encryption with notifications and warnings. Google is also moving to prefer SSL enabled websites, meaning websites without SSL will may be exposed to the risk of lost search rankings and overall, less traffic.